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The Real Winning Edge (Repeat, TV-G) Sports celebrities present the stories of teen athletes who have overcome their obstacles to find success in a special sport or activity they excel in.
Maury DNA Will Prove My 16 Year Old Son Is Not the Father! (Repeat, TV-14) A woman suspects that her son is not the father of his girlfriend's child, but he disagrees and wants to be involved in his child's life.
The Steve Wilkos Show DNA: Date Rape Or Did She Cheat? (Repeat, TV-14) A woman says she woke up in a hospital, and was told she was date raped, but her boyfriend says she went to a party to cheat on him, so she's to blame.
« Cleveland 19 News on 43 at 7am (New)
The Parent 'Hood Little Bitty Pretty One (TV-PG) When Cece wins a regional beauty contest she gets a big head, so Robert launches "Operation Shrink Cece's Head."
The Parent 'Hood Substitute's Pet (TV-PG) Nicholas catches grief from his pals when Wendell subs in his class and treats him better than everybody else.
A Different World Monet Is the Root of All Evil (TV-PG) Whitley organizes an art exhibit for Hillman students and has to move it to The Pit so that a promising artist can be included in the showing.
A Different World If I Should Die Before I Wake (TV-PG) Whitley plans to sleep with Dwayne for the first time on his birthday, but an assignment at school could drastically change those plans.
Roc Roc's Secret Past (TV-PG) Eleanor fights with Roc after Roc's former girlfriend comes over to dinner and reveals a secret about their relationship that Roc never told Eleanor.
Lassie The Waif (TV-G) A daring, resourceful and remarkably intelligent collie and her human friends triumph over adversity and form an ever-increasing bond of love and trust.
Zane Grey Theater The Bible Man (TV-PG) A man is determined to reunite with his father, a traveling preacher, but the motive for the reunion is revenge for the death of his mother.
Zane Grey Theater The Silent Sentry (TV-PG) A wintery outpost leaves two soldiers behind, both of vastly opposing viewpoints, which causes tension for the two as they try to survive.
Zane Grey Theater The Atoner (TV-PG) In Arizona, a small town has saloons or gambling due to a religious sect making up a large portion of the population.
Zane Grey Theater Man from Everywhere (TV-PG) A sheriff has concerns about his prisoner when the local gentry gets eager to lynch somebody.
Laramie Dragon at the Door (TV-PG) Slim and Jess rescue a troupe of Japanese entertainers as they were heading east when their wagon breaks down near the Sherman Ranch.
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