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The Real Winning Edge (New, TV-G) Sports celebrities present the stories of teen athletes who have overcome their obstacles to find success in a special sport or activity they excel in.
Maury Pregnant at 17... Stop Denying My Daughter's Baby! (Repeat, TV-14) A man returns to the show to find out if he is the father to his wife's son; a man claims the man who abandoned him at age seven is his biological father.
The Steve Wilkos Show Blindsided by Results (New, TV-14) A woman tries to prove to her boyfriend that she is no longer sleeping with the man who abused her; a relationship comes to a crossroads after a miscarriage.
Jerry Springer Beads and Boas... Springer Mardi Gras (New, TV-14) A woman says she cheated on her boyfriend and lied to him about being the father of her second child, and thinks that her friend might have slept with him.
The Parent 'Hood Fight the Power (TV-PG) Activists Zaria and Shakim disagree over how to manage a protest against a company that's polluting a river.
A Different World Whitley's Last Supper (TV-PG) Whitley's dad tells her that he is taking her credit cards, and Kinu sees Dwayne trying to comfort her; Kim faces her practice test for med school.
A Different World The Goodwill Games (TV-PG) Ron and Dwayne tease Whitley for trying out for the academic decathlon, until she and Dwayne are paired up as partners; Kim won't date Matthew.
Roc Roc's Secret Past (TV-PG) Eleanor fights with Roc after Roc's former girlfriend comes over to dinner and reveals a secret about their relationship that Roc never told Eleanor.
Roc Andrew Dates Matty (TV-PG) The hospital's head nurse becomes smitten with Andrew after Eleanor sets them up on a blind date in order to help her chances of getting a promotion.
Five on the Black Hand Side (TV-PG, PG, **) A barber disapproves of his children's activities, but his wife joins them in rebelling in order to show him how domineering and retrogressive his behavior is.
Zane Grey Theater Storm Over Eden (TV-PG) A couple finds a setback in their plans to marry when the man is forced to kill his fiances brother in an act of self-defense; the fiances father wants revenge.
Zane Grey Theater Star Over Texas (TV-PG) A man enters a marriage to a younger woman for convenience; they head westward where they receive a military escort as they navigate through Native country.
Zane Grey Theater Fearful Courage (TV-PG) A woman is being pursued by a gunman after witnessing a murder, as the killer doesn't want her to testify in court if he were to get caught.
Laramie Ride or Die (TV-PG) The Laramie bank is robbed and a well-liked deputy is killed by the bandit; Slim Sherman pursues the bandit into the desert, and find him with a gambler.
Laramie Saddle and Spur (TV-PG) The cattle market is depressed, so Slim and Jess hit the trail looking for a better place to sell cattle; they come to the town in the middle of a range war.
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